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Package Unit Installation in West Hollywood

When it comes to package unit installation in West Hollywood, TES Heating & Cooling stands out as the premier choice for both commercial and residential properties. As your local Los Angeles HVAC company, we offer a comprehensive suite of services ranging from mini-split systems and heat pumps to furnaces and attic insulation. Our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures that each HVAC system installation is meticulously customized to meet your specific building requirements. With a focus on year-round comfort and energy efficiency, TES Heating & Cooling leverages top-notch brands and specialized techniques to deliver unparalleled quality. To begin your journey towards a more comfortable environment, contact us today at 424-400-6692. Have you ever considered the advantages of installing a package unit in your West Hollywood property? Whether you are looking to upgrade your current HVAC system or contemplating a new installation, a package unit can provide the efficiency and reliability you need for year-round comfort. Click here for more information about West Hollywood

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Understanding Package Units

What is a Package Unit?

A package unit is an all-in-one HVAC system that combines heating and cooling components in a single, convenient package. Unlike split systems, which require separate indoor and outdoor units, a package unit houses all components in one outdoor unit. This streamlined design is particularly beneficial for properties with limited indoor space.

Types of Package Units

There are several types of package units, each designed to meet specific heating and cooling needs:

  • Packaged Air Conditioners: These units include an air conditioner and an air handler in a single package. They are ideal for areas with no need for heating.
  • Packaged Heat Pumps: Heat pumps are versatile units that provide both heating and cooling using a refrigerant cycle, making them efficient for all-season use.
  • Packaged Gas-Electric Systems: These systems combine an electric air conditioner with a gas furnace, offering the best of electric and gas energy to maintain optimal indoor comfort.
  • Packaged Dual-Fuel Systems: Dual-fuel systems use a heat pump and a gas furnace, automatically switching between the two depending on temperature for maximum efficiency.

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Benefits of Installing a Package Unit

Space Efficiency

One of the most compelling reasons to opt for a package unit is its space-saving design. Since all components are housed in a single outdoor unit, you free up valuable indoor space that would otherwise be taken up by multiple HVAC components.


Package units are generally more cost-effective to install and maintain compared to split systems. The all-in-one design reduces labor costs for installation and simplifies maintenance activities, leading to further cost savings in the long run.

Energy Efficiency

Package units are engineered to provide high energy efficiency. Many models come with high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings, ensuring that you get the most out of your energy consumption while keeping your utility bills low.

Simplified Maintenance

With all components located in a single unit, maintenance and repairs become significantly easier. This leads to quicker troubleshooting, reducing the time required to restore your system to optimal performance levels.

Why Choose TES Heating & Cooling for Package Unit Installation?

Expertise and Experience

TES Heating & Cooling is your local Los Angeles HVAC company, specializing in custom HVAC installations tailored to both residential and commercial properties. Our extensive experience in installing various types of HVAC systems ensures that we can meet your specific heating and cooling needs efficiently.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

We provide an array of HVAC services, from mini-split systems and heat pumps to furnaces, wall heaters, air ducts, and more. Whatever your HVAC needs are, we have the right solution designed specifically for your property.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our priority is to ensure your complete satisfaction. We offer top-notch custom installations that provide optimal comfort throughout the year. With a focus on quality and customer service, our goal is to deliver installations that exceed your expectations.

Free Estimates and Consultations

At TES Heating & Cooling, we believe in transparent pricing and open communication. We offer free estimates to help you understand the costs involved in your package unit installation without any unexpected surprises. To get started on an estimate, give us a call now at 424-400-6692.

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The Package Unit Installation Process

Initial Consultation

The first step in the installation process involves an initial consultation and evaluation of your property. This helps us understand your specific needs and determine the best type of package unit for your space.

Custom Proposal

Based on our evaluation, we prepare a custom proposal that outlines the type of package unit, brand, and specific installation details. This proposal ensures you are fully informed about the project scope and costs involved.

Professional Installation

Our skilled technicians handle the installation process meticulously, ensuring each component is properly installed and calibrated for optimal performance. We follow industry best practices and adhere to all safety standards throughout the installation process.

Post-Installation Support

After the installation is complete, we provide comprehensive post-installation support, including system testing, customer education, and answering any questions you may have to ensure a smooth transition to your new HVAC system.

Understanding Costs and Financing

Factors Affecting Installation Costs

Several factors can influence the cost of installing a package unit:

  • Unit Size and Type: Larger units or those with advanced features may cost more.
  • Brand and Model: Higher-end brands or models with superior efficiency ratings may carry a premium price.
  • Property specifics: Accessibility, existing ductwork, and other property-specific details can also affect costs.

Financing Options

TES Heating & Cooling offers flexible financing options to help you manage the investment in a new package unit. Our financing plans are designed to make your installation as affordable as possible, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a new, efficient HVAC system without financial strain.

Customizing Your HVAC Solution

Residential vs. Commercial Needs

Different properties have different HVAC requirements. Residential buildings often prioritize quiet operation and energy efficiency, while commercial properties might focus on robust performance and the ability to handle larger spaces.

Brand and Efficiency Choices

Choosing the right brand and efficiency level is crucial for long-term satisfaction and cost savings. Models with higher SEER ratings might have a higher upfront cost but can save significantly on long-term energy bills.

Additional Features

Modern package units come with a host of additional features such as smart controls, variable speed fans, and enhanced filtration systems. These features can further enhance comfort and provide additional convenience.

Common Questions About Package Unit Installation

How Long Does Installation Take?

Typically, package unit installations can be completed within a day. However, the exact time can vary based on the complexity of the installation and the specifics of your property.

What Maintenance is Required?

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your package unit running efficiently. This can include filter changes, cleaning of coils, and periodic system checks by a professional.

Is a Package Unit Right for My Property?

A package unit is an excellent choice for many properties, but it’s essential to evaluate your specific needs and constraints. An initial consultation with TES Heating & Cooling can help you determine if a package unit is the best fit for your space.


Investing in a package unit for your West Hollywood property can provide numerous benefits, including improved energy efficiency, cost savings, and simplified maintenance. TES Heating & Cooling offers unparalleled expertise and a customer-focused approach, ensuring you receive the best possible HVAC solution tailored to your specific needs. To learn more or to schedule a free estimate, contact us today at 424-400-6692.

Do not hesitate to take the first step towards a more comfortable and efficient home or business environment. Trust TES Heating & Cooling for your package unit installation needs in West Hollywood.

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