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Package Unit Installation in Hollywood

When considering package unit installation in Hollywood, you rely on professionals like TES Heating & Cooling, a renowned HVAC company serving the Los Angeles area. With a focus on providing top-notch, customized installations, you can be assured of year-round comfort for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you require mini splits, heat pumps, furnaces, wall heaters, or air conditioning systems, TES Heating & Cooling specializes in fitting systems tailored specifically to your home or business needs. Their commitment to excellence is evident through meticulous HVAC tune-ups, maintenance, and use of high-quality materials designed to enhance your property’s comfort and efficiency. For a comprehensive estimate, contacting them at 424-400-6692 is your first step to achieving optimal climate control. Click here for more information about Hollywood

Package Unit Installation in Hollywood

Have you ever wondered what goes into installing a package unit for your home or business in Hollywood? Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current HVAC system or need a reliable solution for a new building, knowing what to expect and understanding the details can save you time, money, and hassle. This article is designed to offer comprehensive guidance on package unit installation specifically tailored for properties in Hollywood.

TES Heating & Cooling, a local Los Angeles HVAC company, prioritizes customer comfort all year round by providing top-notch custom installations, including mini splits, heat pumps, furnaces, package units, wall heaters, air ducts, attic ventilation, insulation, and routine HVAC tune-ups and maintenance. Our goal is to provide installation solutions that meet your specific needs for both commercial and residential properties.

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Why Choose a Package Unit?

Several types of HVAC systems are available on the market, but why should you consider a package unit for your property in Hollywood? Package units can be highly beneficial for several reasons.

Compact DesignCombines all HVAC components into a single unit, saving space.
Ease of InstallationSimplifies installation as it requires fewer connections and minimal ductwork adjustments.
Energy EfficiencyModern package units are designed to be energy-efficient, helping you save on utility bills.
VersatilitySuitable for both commercial and residential applications.
Outdoor PlacementInstalled outside, freeing up indoor space.

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Types of Package Units

Package units come in different configurations to match various needs. Below, we break down some common types:

1. Gas/Electric Package Units

Gas/Electric package units combine a gas furnace with an electric air conditioning system. This setup is ideal if you are looking for an efficient solution that provides both heating and cooling.

2. Heat Pump Package Units

Heat pump package units use a heat pump to provide both heating and cooling. These systems are generally more energy-efficient, making them well-suited for climates like Hollywood’s, where extreme cold is rare.

3. Dual-Fuel Package Units

Dual-fuel package units combine a heat pump with a gas furnace. The system switches between the heat pump and the gas furnace for optimal efficiency depending on the outside temperature.

4. Hybrid Package Units

Hybrid package units can offer a combination of different heating and cooling methods, providing flexibility and efficiency.

Site Evaluation

Before proceeding with the installation of a package unit, a comprehensive site evaluation is essential. This involves examining the following:

  • Space Availability: Identifying an appropriate outdoor space for the package unit.
  • Ductwork: Assessing existing ductwork to ensure it is compatible or identifying the need for new ductwork.
  • Electrical Requirements: Ensuring that the existing electrical system can support the new unit.
  • Zoning Regulations: Understanding local building codes and permits required for installation in Hollywood.

Choosing the Right Unit

Selecting the appropriate package unit is crucial for optimal performance. Key factors include:

  • Size and Capacity: Ensuring the unit’s size matches the space requirements.
  • Energy Efficiency: Evaluating SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings.
  • Brand Reputation: Consider brands known for quality and reliability.

Installation Process

The actual installation process of a package unit involves several steps. Below is an overview:

  1. Preparation

    • Acquiring necessary permits.
    • Preparing the installation site by clearing space and ensuring accessibility.
  2. Unit Placement

    • Positioning the package unit correctly to avoid issues like vibration and noise.
    • Ensuring proper drainage and ventilation.
  3. Ductwork Connection

    • Connecting the unit to existing ductwork or installing new ductwork if needed.
    • Ensuring airtight seals to prevent leakage.
  4. Electrical Connections

    • Installing electrical connections according to manufacturer specifications.
    • Testing electrical systems to ensure safe operation.
  5. System Calibration

    • Calibrating the unit to meet specific heating and cooling needs.
    • Performing a thorough system test to ensure everything is working correctly.

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Post-Installation Maintenance

Maintaining your package unit is crucial for ensuring longevity and efficient performance. Actions include:

  • Regular Inspection: Checking the unit for any signs of wear and tear.
  • Filter Replacement: Changing filters regularly to maintain clean air circulation.
  • Professional Tune-Ups: Scheduling annual maintenance checks with TES Heating & Cooling.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Despite meticulous installation, you may occasionally encounter issues. Here are some common problems and solutions:

IssuePossible CauseSolution
No Cooling/HeatingThermostat settings, power issuesCheck thermostat settings, ensure the unit is receiving power, call a technician if needed.
Unusual NoisesLoose components, debris in the unitInspect and tighten components, clear debris, consult a professional.
Poor AirflowBlocked filters, ductwork issuesReplace filters, inspect ductwork for obstructions or damage.
Water LeaksBlocked drainage system, refrigerant issuesClear drainage system, call a professional to check refrigerant levels.
High Utility BillsInefficiency, need for maintenanceSchedule a professional tune-up, ensure energy-efficient settings.

Getting Started with TES Heating & Cooling

Interested in moving forward with package unit installation in Hollywood? TES Heating & Cooling offers a seamless process:

1. Initial Consultation

Our team will discuss your specific needs and assess your property to recommend the best package unit.

2. Detailed Estimate

Based on the consultation, we will provide a comprehensive estimate that includes all aspects of the installation.

3. Professional Installation

Our experienced technicians will handle the installation process efficiently and professionally, minimizing disruption to your daily routine.

4. Follow-Up and Support

Post-installation, we’ll conduct follow-up checks and provide ongoing support to ensure your system operates at peak performance.

Financing and Incentives

Investing in a package unit can be a significant expenditure, but there are various financing options and incentives available:

  • Financing Plans: TES Heating & Cooling offers flexible financing plans to spread out the cost of installation.
  • Energy Rebates: Take advantage of local and federal energy rebates for installing energy-efficient systems.
  • Tax Incentives: You may qualify for tax incentives by installing eco-friendly HVAC systems.

Customer Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from our satisfied customers:

“TES Heating & Cooling did an amazing job installing our new package unit. The team was professional, and the system works perfectly!” – John D., Hollywood

“We’ve noticed a significant drop in our utility bills since switching to a package unit installed by TES Heating & Cooling. Highly recommend them!” – Sarah L., Los Angeles


Package unit installation in Hollywood can offer numerous benefits, including space-saving design, energy efficiency, and simplified maintenance. Understanding the types, installation process, and ongoing maintenance requirements can help you make an informed decision. TES Heating & Cooling is committed to providing top-notch installation services tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and comfort all year round.

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